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Teenage Eating Habits Essay examples - 2372 Words

Obesity in adults has recently become a big issue. With more and more adults becoming obese every day it’s pretty obvious why it’s become such a big deal. People everywhere are now exercising more to get fit, but most the time they forget to improve their nutrition. The obesity rate in adults isn’t the only thing to rise greatly. Teenagers and kids are now facing the same problems with obesity as adults are. The main problems that cause obesity are poor nutrition and a lack of exercise. Many people now are focus on exercising and forgetting how big of a role nutrition plays in weight. Obesity hasn’t been too much of a problem in generations before, but now it’s become a really big issue. I believe bad habits that start at a young age are†¦show more content†¦are obese† (Data and Statistics). It’s no wonder people from other countries look down on us for our bad eating habits. Just when I thought it was bad enough for the adults I find out it’s just as bad for kids, maybe even worse because children are less educated. Most kids eat what other kids eat or what their parents eat, so if a parent has bad eating habits already and are unaware of good nutrition they may end up passing their habits on to their kids thinking it has no effect. CDC also states â€Å"Since 1980, obesity prevalence among children and adolescence has almost tripled† (Data and statistics). Nutrition is more important for kids now than ever with all these sweets and artificially flavored foods out there. Since their growing their nutrition needs to be even better because their growing, so how can we let their nutrition become so poor when they need nutrients the most to grow healthy. It seems now a parent must really become informed about the foods they give to their kids because even cereals contain lots of sugars. Nutrition has recently become important to me as well. Just recently I thought I had been eating well, mainly because I was eating just about all the time and everything in my sight. So I had never thought much about nutrition and how important it was to know something about it. But recently I have grown an interest in nutrition, this is probably because I have realized how poorly I’ve been eating and how unhealthy IveShow MoreRelatedToday’s Teenage Nutrition Essay599 Words   |  3 PagesToday’s Teenage Nutrition Getting something to eat from a convenience store or a fast food restaurant is an everyday thing for most teenagers. For breakfast it’s a sugar covered donut, for lunch: a bacon cheeseburger from a fast food restaurant near the school, and for dinner: mom’s homemade 4 cheese casserole! A typical day for an unhealthy teen! Today’s teens are not getting enough nutrients; most teens rather not eat then have fruit or vegetables. Which is a very bad idea because it will haveRead MoreThe Problem Of Teenage Girls1343 Words   |  6 Pagesfor teenage girls to live up to the standards presented to them. Seventy-four percent of teenage girls say there is a lot of pressure when it come to pleasing everyone (Girls Inc, The Supergirl Dilemma). That percentage is astronomically high. Females this young should not have to worry about things as superficial as looks at this age. Teenage years are supposed to be the best years of a person’s life and time should not be was ted on worrying about body image. The pressure imposed on teenage femalesRead More Adolescent Nutrition Essay635 Words   |  3 Pages During adolescence there is a high susceptibility to nutritional deficiencies and poor eating habits. This may lead to problems later on in life such as osteoporosis, obesity, hyperlipedemia, sexual maturation delays, and final adult height. The development of eating disorders is also prominent during this time. Adolescents require extra nutrients due to a growth spurt, which girls experience during the ages of 10 or 11, reaches its peak at age 12 and is completed by about age 15. In boys, itRead MoreThe Influence Of Media Reporting On Society s Perception Of Beauty1730 Words   |  7 Pagesevident that over the last decade the media has created an image that is unrealistic and unattainable for teenage girls. As such, based upon a macro perspective, the societal roles, status and expectations of young women have been impacted negatively. This paper will analyze how the combination of media reporting, socioeconomics and sociocultural factors contribute to the development of eating disorders as well as how society s perception of beauty has been distorted. This paper will further supportRead MoreSocial Norms Of A Female s Beauty And Body Image1234 Words   |  5 Pagesdirect effect on teenage girls, leading many to develop eating disorders such as anorexia. There are two main types of eating disorders: anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Both of these types are characterized as a major concern about one’s weight and shape in a negative way. Bulimia is categorized as binge eating or excessive consumption of food. What tags along with bulimia is aggressive and short tempered side effects. Of the two, anorexia nervosa is the most common among teenage girls. AnorexiaRead MoreThe Role of the Media in Childhood Obesity Essay694 Words   |  3 Pagesalso promoted unrealistically thin body types as the ideal, which could possibly encourage teenage girls to engage in unhealthy dieting or eating disorders. This suggests television gives children contradictory messages about eating habits and body image: Be thin but eat fatty foods, sweets and salty snacks. A study carried out by Becker et al into eating disorders in teenage girls aimed to use a naturally occurring setting where television was introduced to FijiRead More Eating Disorders Essay1010 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Eating disorders are psychological problems marked by an obsession with food and weight. There are four general categories of eating disorders these are; Anorexia nervosa, Binge eating and Bulimia nervosa. However this disorder affects individuals of various age groups; it has become more popular among teenagers these days. For the purpose of this research plan the writer will focus on age group of ages 15 to 19 because teenagers most vulnerable to eating disorders fall into thisRead MoreThe Causes of Adolescent Depression1189 Words   |  5 PagesTeens†). Do you know someone who suffers from teenage depression, or maybe a friend or family member? Or maybe you, yourself, may suffer from teenage depression. Well you are not alone. Many teens in America, as well as the rest of the world, are affected by teenage depression. Depression is an effect for many teens, with many causes. As a result, there are three major causes for teenage depression such as: Genetics, Environment, a nd Unhealthy Habits. In this essay, I will go in depth the many causesRead MoreBody Image Essay636 Words   |  3 Pagesyou look at yourself and how you talk to yourself on a daily basis can have a huge impact on your life. One of the largest influence on teenage girls is the media.The media pushes body image, clothes, and fast food. At the same time they push weight lose with unrealistic results. The combination of all the above leads teenage girls down the road to eating disorders and a confusing self-image When you are not happy with who you are it is hard to be a good friend and a good student. If yourRead MoreEating Disorders Essay983 Words   |  4 PagesTabitha HernandezMrs. HammillBiologyJune 11th, 2012 Eating Disorders Eating disorders are a worldwide problem and effect the lives of many. Women are much more likely than men to develop an eating disorder. One of three women have eating disorders, most of these women began to have the eating disorder due to stress, depression, and anger. Eating disorders stem is often formed with problem with self image caused by the media. Eating disorders are complex conditions that arise from a combination

BlackHawk War And Seminole War Free Essays

Two monumental wars began because of these disagreements, the Black Hawk War and the Second Seminole War. With these two wars the Tribal Indians classical fought on the grounds where they didn’t feel it was right they as the land owners would be kicked off their rightful land because the government wanted it for their own use. The Second Seminole War was lead by an Indian named Solaces (Hatch, 2012). We will write a custom essay sample on BlackHawk War And Seminole War or any similar topic only for you Order Now Solaces was the son of a white man and Indian women. Solace’s father would beat his mother in front of him often until one day she chose to run (Chance, 2003). Solaces was captured one time after running which gave him a greater hatred for the ones he called â€Å"The White Man† (Chance, 2003). In 1819 Spain had turned Florida into the Unites States and the Native Americans that had fled south Were Once again caught in U. S territory who they knew would try to relocate them away from their home. Solaces was a part of one of the tribes, the â€Å"Seminole† tribe that was going to have to move towards the Mississippi. Solaces did not want him or his people to have to move, so when there was a meeting that was going to be held most of the other tribes signed their treaties agreeing to move their tribes out of Florida, but the Seminole tribe refused to move, Solaces stated as he stood up at the meeting with a knife in his hand â€Å"This is the only treaty I will make with the whites† (Hatch, 2012). From that point on it was a war between the government and the Seminole. For years the Generals could not take over the Seminole Tribe. The tribe was strong like their leader Solaces and the tribe knew the area well to know how to take advantage of anyone coming to hurt them or their people (Hatch, 2012). The Seminole Tribe fought many small wars and never lost until their leader got very sick with malaria and became very weak (Hatch, 2012). Solaces had two leaders under him which guided and ran the troops, but the tribe depended on Solace’s strength and when he got weak so did all of his Indian Army. Towards the end of the war a General Hernandez was allowed to come to the Seminole camp, the Seminole hung its white flag at half mass as it’s flag of truce, but since the Seminole had such a stubbornness to them when it came to the Generals and their Army, General Hernandez had his men silently surround the camp and when given the sign they took it over and the invincible Solaces was captured and imprisoned (Hatch, 2012). A year later Solaces died and when he died about only 100 Seminole were left in Florida (Hatch, 2012). The Blackjack War also happened during the sass’s. Black Hawk himself as one of the Auk Indians. Two chiefs had agreed to a treaty that the Auk Indians would leave the land east of the Mississippi and let the government have it. Back Hawk and other Auk Indians did not believe these chiefs had the right to give this land away (Wisconsin, 2014). A quarter century later settlers began to start taking over the land with no respect for any treaties at the time and the Auk Indians thought it was futile to resist the overwhelming white forces (Wisconsin, 2014). Black Hawk decided to lead 1,200 Auk’s in the hope of reoccupying their home and land (keep in mind Black Hawk didn’t hind the treaty was real and thought it was fraudulent because of who had did the signing) and if anything bad Was to happen the British would come to his aid (which they did not) (Wisconsin, 2014). In 1832 for 16 weeks Black Hawk and his followers had plans. The warriors would fight and the non- combatants would try to find ways across the Mississippi River to safety. Many died from hunger, thirst, exhaustion, and were buried on the trail (Wisconsin, 2014). Troops were able to attacks when the Auk’s Indians reached the banks of the Mississippi near the mouth of the Bad Axe River Wisconsin, 2014). In the end Black Hawk left his followers to surrender and only 150 Indians survived out of the 1,200 that began with Black Hawk. The two tribes didn’t want to just give up land they believed was there, but who can blame them. Imagine if someone came into your home and said they were going to take it and you had to move with your family. These two tribes suffered a great deal and the families all suffered with so many dead. There is one big difference between the two wars though. Each tribe had one main leader Solaces and Black Hawk. Solaces did retreat as did Black Hawk, but Black Hawk just ended up giving up on his followers completely where Solaces didn’t. Solaces tried to finally work with the military and come up with a treaty for his followers. Solaces didn’t just give up and walk away from his followers in hopes they make it. Regardless of all the history, all the Indian tribes were treated unfairly and were always bullied by the government to due whatever the government thought was best (which was always best for the government, not everyone involved). The Tribes did fight and did try to stand their ground and hold onto their land. In the end the tribes just weren’t strong or big enough to fight off he militias and troops involved against them and lost both battles. How to cite BlackHawk War And Seminole War, Essays

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Mrs. Dalloway By Virginia Woolf Essays - Literature, Fiction

Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf In Virginia Woolfs book, Mrs. Dalloway, Clarissa Dalloway and Septimus Warren Smith grow up under the same social institutions although social classes are drawn upon wealth; it can be conceived that two people may have very similar opinions of the society that created them. The English society which Woolf presents individuals that are uncannily similar. Clarissa and Septimus share the quality of expressing through actions, not words. Through these basic beliefs and idiosyncrasies, both characters mimic each other through their actions and thoughts, even though they never meet. Clarissa feels sadness and death around her. There is much routine and habit around her but she still seems dissatisfied. At her late age of fifty she sees herself as Mrs. Dalloway, not even Clarissa. She portrays her sense of happiness as something not monstrumental or graniose, but rather quite simple. She can be happy throwing a party, she can escape reality: Every time she gave a party she had this feeling of being something not herself, and that everyone was unreal in one way; much more real in another. it was possible to say things you couldnt say anyhow else, things that needed an effort; possible to go much deeper. But not for her; not yet anyhow. (Woolf 171) Kramer 2 With Septimus, seeing his best friend Evans die at war has been a major trauma in his life. His wife Rezia must constantly take him away from his reality and have him focus on things not involving war or him thinking of it. Septimus sees beauty in small lifeless things that surround him. Beauty can be seen as a plane that writes in the sky, deciphered but which signifies beauty. Subconsciously, he reveals his need to be nurtured, but he pulls away from society when he falls ill and has trouble dealing with reality. Both Septimus and Clarissa are very similar in this manner. Death is perceived as defiance by both characters. Clarissa expresses her belief in reincarnation. She believes if her true self is not revealed in this life, it will be revealed in the next. She has the belief that everything will work out, eventually. Thinking of Septimuss death, Clarissa remembers thinking before a party, If it were to now die, twere now to be most happy(Woolf 184). She felt if she was to die, it was a good point in her life to die. As for Septimus, he knows of war, death, and destruction; he knows that society will not change and that he cannot live in a world that can be so constricting. Septimus takes a leap of faith and ends all of his suffering in this unforgiving world; individuality, Septimus and Clarissa recede into the depths of normality. Clarissa accepts this recession, from having a dream to being merely Mrs. Dalloway. However, he does not, this constriction and uniformity propels him out of his bedroom window to death. Although Clarissa and Septimus differ in their response to this uniformity, the truth remains that they are both dissatisfied. Their dissatisfaction emanates from Kramer 3 their influence from their surrounding society. Many people dont understand what Septimus is going through, so they tend to think badly of him. The doctors he is under care from are far from helping and more intent on collecting for their service payment. Septimus is not even happy with himself, let alone his society. He had guilt because he could not feel anymore, not even for his wife. His wife was crying, and he felt nothing; only each time she sobbed in this profound, this silent, this hopeless way, he descended another step into the pit (Woolf 91). With Clarissa, the only influence of society on her are the parties she has. Though the parties bring happiness to her, after they are over it is back to her normal life that is stale. An important matter to Clarissa is to be social with important people. When her husband is invited to a brunch with Mrs. Bruton and she is not, she feels disappointed that she was not considered or not accepted by a wealthier person. Though Clarissa and Septimus are not of the same wealth or backround, both characters have a very similar prospective about things

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How to Write an Exploratory Essay on Cultural Capital

How to Write an Exploratory Essay on Cultural Capital An exploratory essay is a form of essay that usually talks about an idea or merely answers a question. If you have been assigned with an essay on cultural capital, you may want to take note of the following tips to be certain that you are writing it in a correct way: Break the Essay into 3 Distinguishable Portions An essay must have three parts: an introduction, a body and a close/conclusion. If each portion is not distinguishable, the reader may be confused by the time they are done reading your essay. Do Not Beat about the Bush Students often tend to state the obvious, a form of filler words that certainly do not fool the teacher. If a question is to be answered in the exploratory essay, make sure that you answer it in the first sentence. Sample essay question: Do you think that cultural capital can be acquired at home? A bad answer: Many people talk about whether or not cultural capital can be acquired through conscious effort. A good answer: Yes, I believe that cultural capital can be achieved through conscious effort. Do Not Try to Sound too Smart Sometimes, students try too hard to impress their teacher, resorting to using big and bold words that eventually make less sense and put the reader to sleep. Sample essay question: Does cultural capital vary in different social classes? A bad answer: As per copious amounts of studies carried out by connoisseurs, cultural capital is seen to be at capricious levels in dissimilar social classes. A good answer: As per studies and surveys carried out by experts, it seems that various social classes have a varying degree of cultural capital. Be Sure to Back up the Statements That You Make Since an exploratory essay is all about doing your research and making your point, you need to help the reader/teacher understand how you came about to make the statements that you did. A bad example: Cultural capital is connected to sports because it is also connected to body management. A good example: A common example of cultural capital is in self-presentation. Body management through sports is a direct connection to self-presentation, which is why I believe that cultural capital and sports are also connected to one another. Do Not Assume That Your Reader Knows Everything It is your teacher’s job to understand how much you have understood about the exploratory topic that has been given to you. Do not come to the conclusion that your teacher acquired all the knowledge about the topic beforehand. A bad example: As we all know, cultural capital affects the education received by students. A good example: Cultural capital is earned through taking part in extracurricular activities. Therefore, the more students indulge in these activities, the better they can perform in different fields of education. Hence, cultural capital directly affects the education receive by students. Revise Once you are done writing your essay, proofread your essay. Scrutinize your own work and figure out which portions might need some editing. After all, submitting your best work is crucial. We hope this gives you a few good notions to build your essay upon. Don’t forget to check our 12 facts about cultural capital as well as our 20 topics backed up by a sample essay.

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St. Valentines Day Massacre

St. Valentines Day Massacre Around 10:30 a.m. on St. Valentines Day, February 14, 1929, seven members of Bugs Morans gang were gunned down in cold blood in a garage in Chicago. The massacre, orchestrated by Al Capone, shocked the nation by its brutality. The St. Valentines Day Massacre remains the most notorious gangster killing of the Prohibition era. The massacre not only made Al Capone a national celebrity, but it also brought Capone, the unwanted attention of the federal government. The Dead Frank Gusenberg, Pete Gusenberg, John May, Albert Weinshank, James Clark, Adam Heyer, and Dr. Reinhart Schwimmer Rival Gangs: Capone vs. Moran During the Prohibition era, gangsters ruled many of the large cities, becoming rich from owning speakeasies, breweries, brothels, and gambling joints. These gangsters would carve up a city between rival gangs, bribe local officials, and become local celebrities. By the late 1920s, Chicago was split between two rival gangs: one led by Al Capone and the other by George Bugs Moran. Capone and Moran vied for power, prestige, and money; plus, both tried for years to kill each other. In early 1929, Al Capone was living in Miami with his family (to escape Chicagos brutal winter) when his associate Jack Machine Gun McGurn visited him. McGurn, who had recently survived an assassination attempt ordered by Moran, wanted to discuss the ongoing problem of Morans gang. In an attempt to eliminate the Moran gang entirely, Capone agreed to fund an assassination attempt, and McGurn was placed in charge of organizing it. The Plan McGurn planned carefully. He located the Moran gangs headquarters, which was in a large garage behind the offices of S.M.C. Cartage Company at 2122 North Clark Street. He selected gunmen from outside the Chicago area, to ensure that if there were any survivors, they would not be able to recognize the killers as part of Capones gang. McGurn hired lookouts and set them up in an apartment near the garage. Also essential to the plan, McGurn acquired a stolen police car and two police uniforms. Setting Up Moran With the plan organized and the killers hired, it was time to set the trap. McGurn instructed a local booze hijacker to contact Moran on February 13. The hijacker was to tell Moran that he had obtained a shipment of Old Log Cabin whiskey (i.e. very good liquor) that he was willing to sell at the very reasonable price of $57 per case. Moran quickly agreed and told the hijacker to meet him at the garage at 10:30 the following morning. The Ruse Worked On the morning of February 14, 1929, the lookouts (Harry and Phil Keywell) were watching carefully as the Moran gang assembled at the garage. Around 10:30 a.m., the lookouts recognized a man heading to the garage as Bugs Moran. The lookouts told the gunmen, who then climbed into the stolen police car. When the stolen police car reached the garage, the four gunmen (Fred Killer Burke, John Scalise, Albert Anselmi, and Joseph Lolordo) jumped out. (Some reports say there were five gunmen.) Two of the gunmen were dressed in police uniforms. When the gunmen rushed into the garage, the seven men inside saw the uniforms and thought it was a routine police raid. Continuing to believe the gunmen to be police officers, all seven men peacefully did as they were told. They lined up, faced the wall, and allowed the gunmen to remove their weapons. Opened Fire With Machine Guns The gunmen then opened fire, using two Tommy guns, a sawed-off shotgun, and a .45. The killing was fast and bloody. Each of the seven victims received at least 15 bullets, mostly in the head and torso. The gunmen then left the garage. As they exited, neighbors who had heard the rat-tat-tat of the submachine gun, looked out their windows and saw two (or three, depending on reports) policemen walking behind two men dressed in civilian clothes with their hands up. The neighbors assumed that the police had staged a raid and were arresting two men. After the massacre had been discovered, many continued to believe for several weeks that the police were responsible. Moran Escaped Harm Six of the victims died in the garage; Frank Gusenberg was taken to a hospital but died three hours later, refusing to name who was responsible. Though the plan had been carefully crafted, one major problem occurred. The man that the lookouts had identified as Moran was Albert Weinshank.   Bugs Moran, the main target for the assassination, was arriving a couple of minutes late to the 10:30 a.m. meeting when he noticed a police car outside the garage. Thinking it was a police raid, Moran stayed away from the building, unknowingly saving his life. The Blonde Alibi The massacre that took seven lives that St. Valentines Day in 1929 made newspaper headlines across the country. The country was shocked at the brutality of the killings. Police tried desperately to determine who was responsible. Al Capone had an air-tight alibi because he had been called in for questioning by the Dade County solicitor in Miami during the time of the massacre. Machine Gun McGurn had what became called a blonde alibi he had been at a hotel with his blonde girlfriend from 9 p.m. on February 13 through 3 p.m. on February 14.   Fred Burke (one of the gunmen) was arrested by police in March 1931 but was charged with the December 1929 murder of a police officer and sentenced to life in prison for that crime. The Aftermath of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre This was one of the first major crimes that the science of ballistics was used; however, no one was ever tried or convicted for the murders of the St. Valentines Day Massacre. Though the police never had enough evidence to convict Al Capone, the public knew he was responsible. In addition to making Capone a national celebrity, the St. Valentines Day Massacre brought Capone to the attention of the federal government. Ultimately, Capone was arrested for tax evasion in 1931 and sent to Alcatraz. With Capone in jail, Machine Gun McGurn was left exposed. On February 15, 1936, nearly seven years to the day of the St. Valentines Day Massacre, McGurn was gunned down at a bowling alley. Bugs Moran was quite shaken from the entire incident. He stayed in Chicago until the end of Prohibition and then was arrested in 1946 for some small-time bank robberies. He died in prison from lung cancer.

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American Constitution Law 2 J Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

American Constitution Law 2 J - Essay Example Reasonableness of a search depends on the balancing of the interests of individuals and public safety. In Terry v Ohio (1868), the police officer stopped and frisked three suspicious persons after watching them for some time moving around at a place suspiciously. The police did not have a warrant. In the search, they could see two revolvers from the persons of the suspicious people. It was the case of the defendant Terry that the evidence was not admissible as it was obtained from a warrantless search mandated by the Fourth Amendment. The Supreme Court held that the warrantless search was valid since there was a reasonable suspicion aroused by the conduct of the persons concerned on a street (Mason & Stephenson, 2012). Search and arrest warrant governed by the Fourth Amendment should be backed by a probable cause that can include hearsay evidence, reliable witness report, and the officer’s own logic and experience. Hence, unless there is a probable cause, court will not issue a warrant to search or arrest a suspect. For search warrant to be issued, the court must be satisfied that the officer’s description in the warrant application about the items connected to the crime he is investigating with the justification of the belief about their existence and place at which the items could be found. In respect of an arrest warrant, the warrant application should state and provide sufficient evidence and logic to substantiate the suspects involvement in a particular crime under investigation. Further, there must be provided very specific information on a particular target sought to be arrested or searched. Hence, a random or generalized arrests or searches are not permissible under the Fourt h Amendment (Mason & Stephenson, 2012). Therefore, a search warrant should have the full address, specific room or place at the given address, with the objects and papers and information to be